Mission and Memberships

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Mission Statement

TAPS promotes, supports and enhances the peer recovery specialist profession and advances positive systems change to encourage the holistic wellbeing of Tennesseans.

Vision Statement

TAPS exists to create widespread recognition of the value of peer support, sustainability of the profession, and to maintain high professional standards to promote the development of our members.

Membership Categories

  1. 1
    Peer Specialist: $25.00 per year. Member must provide a copy of their current certification card annually and keep it in good standing. Peer specialists may serve on committees.
  2. 2
    Associates: $10.00 per year; a person who is retired or on track to obtain their certification or working to complete their required hours; participation on committees
  3. 3
    Supporting: $50.00 or more a year; anyone who supports the mission who does not fit in any other categories